I have written a rather lengthy piece on Taxi Driver, one of all my all time favourite films and perhaps the movie that was most influential in my decision to study scriptwriting on a three year course at university. The article has been published over at Obsessed with Film and I have attached an excerpt below. If you would like a read of the full piece then follow this link and feel free to leave a comment. It would be much appreciated.

“At its core Taxi Driver is about the after-effects a man is suffering having fought in the Vietnam war. We learn in the opening scene that Travis enlisted in the Marines and he will no doubt have become desensitised to all the senseless violence that the event entailed.

Now he has returned to what is supposed to be civilisation, he has become more paranoid than ever, unable to socially interact and wanting to work by himself for long hours to escape both other people and himself. He is no longer able to trust or confide in those around him and feels alienated from what he sees as the sleaze filled streets of America.

Yet the real problem is that Travis wants to desperately be involved with what America has taken away from him, the innocence that he probably once claimed. Travis secretly wants to be like everyone else, to once again feel human and as such his aim to clean up the streets becomes a misdirected bid to ingregate himself with society and to feel like he has some worth after a war which helped to take away the worth of himself and so many other young, unfortunate men.”

source: http://www.obsessedwithfilm.com/features/50-reasons-why-taxi-driver-might-just-be-the-greatest-film-of-all-time.php#ixzz1D8aHXCAK




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