Following on from the greatest singles countdown we are now moving onto films and preparing to count down our 100 greatest movies. These are the three voices which you will become accustomed to during this feature:

I am Laurent Kelly, admin of the 100 greatest website and weekly feature writer for Obsessed with Film.

I am joined by Brek the David, co-collaborator on the 100 greatest singles countdown who helped add great prestige to proceedings with his detailed and entertaining prose.

The third contributor for this greatest films list is Daniel Suddes from The Corner Critic. Dan appears to have an encylopaedic knowledge of the big screen and his articles are both informative and fun to read.

We hope you enjoy the countdown and please feel free to voice your opinions in the comment boxes that accompany each entry. The world of film is wide open to debate and we want to hear what you think about some of our choices.


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