The two and a half minute trailer for Green Lantern has finally arrived. The visuals look a little generic but the storyline looks like it could have some potential on the big screen. I also find it hard to warm to Ryan Reynolds as a leading man although I heard he was excellent in recent horror film Buried.

The film is scheduled for release in June 2011.



by Laurent Kelly

Despite there not being anything remotely funny about Mike Tyson’s appearance in the original Hangover film  (he owns a tiger – how hillarious)  the men behind the scenes have decided that celebrity cameos are the way forward in regards to their frankly unnecesarry sequel. Having roped in Mel Gibson (again has Gibson ever been funny?), Liam Neeson (again ….) and Paul Giamatti  the filmmakers have now scooped a cameo appearance from former president Bill Clinton. If I was to pick four celebrities to make me laugh I have to say these guys would not be on the top of my list but a lot of humour can come from the situation and Extras proved that even the unlikiest of actors can prove to be hysterical when fed good and layered material.

Bill Clinton filmed a scene in Thailand along with Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper and the sequence apparently involved the three men jumping into a rickshaw.  Like most sequels The Hangover 2  feels like it is going to be more gag based as opposed to drawing humour from the characters but we’ ll have to wait and see.

The film is set to be released on May 26th, 2011.


by Jeff Rosenberg

When you think of women in Horror films what comes to mind; a large breasted nymphet spraining her ankle, the bad girl fighting valiantly but dying gruesomely or the good yet plain looking girl getting away? Jamie Lee Curtis hiding in a closet, a possessed Linda Blair flopping around on a bed, Janet Leigh being stabbed in the shower, Drew Barrymore being taunted by a masked killer; women are either the lone survivor or just there to ratchet up the body count. Continue reading


by Laurent Kelly

 A few months ago I wrote an article over at obsessed with in which I expressed my outrage over the teaser trailer for Uwe Boll’s film Auschwitz. Having intensely studied the Holocaust subject matter I have a strong belief that certain things are best left to the imagination when dealing with this incredibly sensitive tragedy. It may be more cinematic to try and reenact what happened but the Holocaust was not a cinematic event and you can not hope to try and accurately portray its history because there were so many different incidents and stories that to attempt to encapsulate the whole thing risks great offence to the people who suffered.

If you make the subject too accesible filmmakers begin to take liberties with the tragedy and pretty soon the Holocaust becomes an ordinary genre convention  in which the images of suffering become familiar and give the audience a false sense of knowledge. The reason why I think The Pianist is such an amazing film is because it tells just one story in an open minded approach to what happened to one individual. Afterwards you don’t come away thinking that you know what the Holocaust was about but rather the film leaves you numb and cold inside and it makes you reflect on the event in a serious and focused manner. Continue reading


by Laurent Kelly

I thought that the first Pirates of the Caribbean flick was a good laugh though amazingly overrated , appearing in a string of greatest film polls as voted for by the public and somehow gifting Johnny Depp an Oscar nomination in the process. Don’t get me wrong I think he nails the role but I wouldn’t even put it in the man’s top five performances  let alone feel that is was deserved of a place in the best actor catergory at the Academy.

So anyway that was the first film. The second was an entertaining  romp with some solid set-pieces but overall the whole thing was a bit of a convoluted mess which took itself a bit too seriously. Frankly neither film was helped by the poor chemistry at the heart of the story between the talented but out of place Keira Knightley and the bland Orlando Bloom. Watching their romance blossom on screen is like waiting for a train to arrive and then having it run you over when it pulls in at the station.

As you can probably tell then I was not a fan of the indulgently long and frankly dull third installment which focused more intensely on the uninteresting romantic dynamic. The film lost a lot of the fun that made it a good laugh in the first film and the whole thing just felt kind of pointless and flat.  It was however a monumental success particularly overseas as it grossed almost a billion dollars worldwide. (For the record only seven films in history have actually reached the magic billion mark.) And so unsurprisingly plans for a fourth installment were immediately  put forth. The film entitled Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is thankfully berift of  the generic and tedious Knightley and Bloom characters and will instead prioritise its focus on the real star Jack Sparrow and his travels in search of the fountain of youth.

Here in all its glory below is the poster for the fourth film. For a blockbuster I think it’s pretty neat.



by Laurent Kelly

The art of visual effects in cinema is dead and it is ironically advancements in technology which have killed it. Money is now carelessly thrown on the screen for the instant gratification generation. Heads turn, people are entertained but the visuals don’t stay with them in the hours after the end credits have appeared over the screen. This is because so many modern filmmakers seem to have forgotten or are too lazy to realise that the true power of visual effects exists before a single camera has started rolling. They are instead born from the imagination and developed carefully so that the story works in perfect unison with the visuals on screen to create something that truly takes the audience’s breath away. The following list is dedicated to five films which use visual effects to inflame the imagination of the audience as opposed to just treating the device as a souless gimmick. Continue reading


by Laurent Kelly

He was the wisecracking, womansier who took absolutely nothing seriously least of all himself. The films he made with the Marx Brothers stand up today as some of the funniest American comedies of all time and his humour is still refreshing and relevant in today’s world. Below are ten hillarious quotes from one of the wittiest men of the past century.